Project Description

Houses, plots and land: property in Canada

Your dream property in Canada need not be a dream any longer. Our experience in real estate abroad offers you a springboard to make this a reality.

People all over the world daydream about the natural beauty of Canada’s provinces. Because of its low building density and the absence of large factories, Nova Scotia has earned itself the name “Canada’s Ocean Playground” and offers you the opportunity to acquire land, a plot or a finished house to make your dream come true. Even as a foreigner, it is possible for you to buy Canadian property here.

Land lots

Hoop Pole Lake
Unique large area only 30 minutes drive from Halifax
approx. 280 ha
over 10km waterfront
Shore at 5 other lakes
net € 1.100.000, –
Price/m² approx. € 0,39.-
Biggars Lake
22 lakeside properties on Biggars Lake…
from 29.000m²
to 300.000m²
from 56m Lakefront
to 3400m Lakefront
from € 25.000
Doctors Lake
20 selected lots at Doctors Lake…
from 7.000m²
to 29.500m²
from 60m Lakefront
to 96m Lakefront
from € 7.000
Wentworth Lake
17 selected plots on a peninsula on Wentworth Lake Nova Scotia / Canada…
from 5.047m²
to 22.700m²
from 61m Lakefront
to 663m Lakefront
from € 23.500
Lake Pleasant
The plots are fully accessible by road and electricity. The lake is approx. 2.5 km…
ab 9.100m²
to 122.000m²
from 62m Lakefront
to 672m Lakefront
from € 12.500
immobilien kanada four island lake
Four Island Site
More than 60 selected lots at three large lakes…
from 9.000m²
to 26.700m²
from 55m Lakefront
to 170m Lakefront
from € 24.000
immobilien kanada mill lake
Mill Lake
21 selected lots at Mill Lake…
from 13.000m²
to 33.300m²
from 65m Lakefront
to 116m Lakefront
from € 39.500


immobilien kanada salmon lake
Salmon Lake
A lot of 110ha at Salmon Lake…
Land size
approx. 1.100.000 m²
approx. 1600m -1800m
€ 395.000.-


immobilien kanada sissiboo lake
Sissiboo Lake
Fully developed plot with house at Sissiboo Lake…
Land size
approx. 69.000m²
Dock and Sauna
€ 219.000.-

Canadian property in Nova Scotia

We pay special attention to the wonderful natural sites in the middle of the sea and lake landscape of Nova Scotia. As a specialist provider with decades of experience selling property in Canada, we will be by your side to offer help and advice: From the moment you contact us, we will advise you on the best way to proceed with the purchase of Canadian property and ensure expert support for a smooth process.

The legal aspects are taken care of by Innsbruck-based lawyer and trustee Dr. Bernd Schmidhammer at the European end, while lawyer Andrew S. Nickerson in Yarmouth enriches our on-site team in Canada for you.

Unlike many competitors on the market, we ourselves own property in Canada and we can take care of the necessary formalities for you in just a few weeks, with our well-versed and proven processing methods. If desired, we can provide you with comprehensive assistance with all necessary contact with authorities and offices, and legal matters. We will also be happy to support you in the construction of your dream house on a waterside plot purchased from us in Canada.

Your new property in Canada

Stop dreaming about a pristine house in the Canadian wilderness and take your wish to the next level. Find out about the Canadian property we have to offer in order to get an overview of the different land and waterside plots, with and without houses.

We look forward to hearing from you and finding you the right property in Nova Scotia, Canada.